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Einav Grushka (Violin)


"Dr.Yin taught me the violin with a mix of great open mindedness, kindness and effectiveness. Her incredible ability accompanying on the piano allowed for excellent exam preparation and therefore under her guidance and teaching, I achieved the highest grade (ABRSM) I have ever gotten in music performance. Due to her immense knowledge of music, I was always challenged with interesting and thought provoking pieces and exercises. Being both fun and of incredible quality, her teaching was definitely one of the best I could have asked for."































































































Naomi Bell (Piano)


"Thank you for teaching me piano for the past year and a half! Dr.Yin has exceptional skill and is able to translate that into students' pieces. While studying this year with Dr. Yin, I had the greatest piano expertise that I have found with any teacher. She was able to help me find the character of the music in any style of song, and therefore developed the quality of my playing. I also love how she can capture the essence of any song in order to make it unique and beautiful. Dr.Yin approached teaching with kindness, knowledge, and a passion for helping others to succeed. With her help, I was able to perform at a higher level than I ever had previously achieved, and I was able to gain more confidence in my playing.  I had the most excellent teaching experience with Dr.Yin." 

Abigail Darnell (Violin)

"This year (2017-2018), I have studied with Dr.Yin while I was attending Red Deer College in the Music Diploma program. I have been playing the violin for 12 years and have accomplished my Grade 8 violin RCM exam. This year, from the help of Dr.Yin, I was performing at a Grade 10 RCM level. In all my years of lessons, I have never had an instructor like Dr.Yin. Her teaching techniques of focusing in on my intonation and tonality brought me to excel in my playing and perform and bring me to a higher level. I came into the year struggling to have confidence in myself while performing, but with the encouragement from Dr.Yin and her excellent accompaniment on the piano, I was able to walk on and off stage feeling confident in my playing abilities. Dr.Yin wasn’t only amazing because of brilliant teaching, but having an instructor that also accompanies me during my performances was great. In my lessons she would play the accompaniment part while I play the violin part. This helped me in my playing because I was able to get a feel of the piece all together from first beginning the piece to being able to perform it. At the end of this year, I was able to show a complete difference in my playing and accomplish a high grade in my jury exams all from guidance and teachings from Dr.Yin. I appreciate her kind heart, flexibility with lesson times, and hard work to make me the violinist I am today. I am forever inspired by her teaching and her performances she showed me this year."

Zachary Kis and Julie Kis (Piano)


"My children, Zachary (12) and Julie (10) had the privilege of studying piano with Qian for 1 1/2 years.  In Zachary’s case, Qian was very sensitive to the unique way he learned.  He started with her being very resistant to learning to sight read.  He preferred to listen to the tune and then play it from memory.  Qian gently taught him to teach by sight.  She also taught him to prioritize dynamics and expression which really improved his playing. The progress Julie made with Qian was incredible. Qian was exceptional at relating to Julie, who can be difficult for some people to manage as she is very slow and methodical.  Qian slowed down and worked with Julie at her pace. Together they worked on every aspect of Julie’s playing. Julie progressed surprisingly rapidly and gained a great appreciation for piano as well as for her own abilities. Qian’s professionalism, attention to detail, dedication, careful planning, and kind manner were superb.  She is our kids’ favorite piano teacher and we really like her!  I would recommend her to everyone!"


Samara Young (Piano)

"A few months ago, my wife and I were looking for a piano teacher for our daughter.  A friend referred us to Dr.Yin. The couple months my daughter has been taking piano lessons with Dr.Yin, my wife and I have seen major improvement in our daughter’s performance.

Indeed, she has played a key role in assisting my daughter in becoming better musician. Dr.Yin encourages us to continue practicing regularly with my daughter and patiently works alongside her to bring out the best of her musical ability.


My wife and I enjoy when Dr.Yin offers words of encouragement to my daughter when she is doing well. Indeed, Dr.Yin is genuinely interested in seeing our child succeed to the best of her ability.  She has motivated me as a parent to consistently encourage my daughter to practice.


Dr.Yin takes her work seriously and is passionate about her work. She is knowledgeable, humble, patient, and very kind. By far, she is one of the best musical teachers we have encountered."


Sajani Gumidyala (Violin)


"I studied violin with Dr.Yin for two years (2012-2014) at the beginning of my undergraduate college years at the University of Illinois while Dr.Yin was pursuing her doctoral degree. I have been playing violin since I was five years old, but it wasn’t until my time with Dr.Yin that I felt I could really have a solid connection with my teacher.


I was a motivated student when it came to violin, and Dr.Yin really cultivated my interests and taught me in ways that I am so grateful for. I truly feel that in just our two years together, I didn’t just become a better player, but also a better musician. She met me where I was and personalized her lessons with me.


One thing I struggled with a lot in particular was my confidence and ability to play solos in front of other people. Dr.Yin was really encouraging in this area as much as she was challenging. On top of all of this, when I didn’t have money to invest in regular lessons later on, Dr.Yin would meet me on her own time and was willing to teach me for free. This is something only a person with true passion and desire to see others succeed in their musical pursuits would do." 

Amelia Ross (Violin)

"My daughter Amelia started learning to play the violin with Dr.Yin when she was 5 years old. This was Amelia's introduction to violin and I was very impressed with Dr.Yin’s lesson structure and the speed at which my daughter progressed. Each week Amelia looked forward to her lessons with Dr. Yin, who was kind, encouraging and an excellent teacher. Lessons included the technical aspects of violin playing, scales, and having worked on some pieces, they would always end with a duet performance- Amelia with Qian - something which I feel is incredibly important for any violinist, and not something all teachers do. Dr.Yin taught Amelia for a year and I believe the foundations that Dr.Yin laid down were invaluable in leading Amelia to distinction in her first public exam and to further success. Today, my daughter who is now 12, will soon be taking her Grade 8 violin exam. She has continued playing the violin to a high standard always gaining top marks and she is now a member of three string ensembles and an orchestra. I am extremely grateful to Dr.Yin for teaching Amelia with such encouragement, skill and enthusiasm in those early days. Dr.Yin is an exceptional teacher.”