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Irene Gao (Piano)

"Irene has been studying began her piano lessons with Dr. Yin in 2020. Under Dr Yin’s careful guidance and inspiring approach, Irene’s perseverance, technical development, attention to detail, and musical storytelling have blossomed. Dr. Yin has always been patient to listen to Irene’s questions and has numerous imaginative ways to encourage her to overcome challenges. Dr. Yin is always on point and efficient to offer keen insights and suggestions for improvement but in a tone that is understandable for Irene. These wonderful qualities together instilled a passion for music in Irene.

Irene has been studying piano with Dr. Yin for almost two years now. Irene has won many Internatioanl awards, among which are Gold Prize in WPTA Singapore 2022, First Prize in Chicago International Music Competition 2022, Gold Prize in Quebec International Music Competition 2022, Second Prize in WPTA Spain 2022, Second Place in Tokyo International Youth Music Competition 2022, Bronze Prize in International BTHVN WIEN Competition 2022 and so on.

Irene was interviewed by the Music and Star Magazine and Quebec International Music Competition in August 2022. She has performed at the prestigious Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Meydenbauer Theater in Bellevue, and was named Gold Star performer at Seattle International Classic Viennese Festival 2022. She will be perform at Gala Concert in Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music in Singapore November 2022. "

Abigail Darnell (Violin)

" I have studied with Dr.Yin while I was attending Red Deer College in the Music Diploma program since 2017. I have been playing the violin for 12 years and have accomplished my Grade 9 violin RCM exam. This year, from the help of Dr. Yin, I was performing at a Grade 10 RCM level. In all my years of lessons, I have never had an instructor like Dr.Yin. Her teaching techniques of focusing in on my intonation and tonality brought me to excel in my playing and perform and bring me to a higher level. I came into the year struggling to have confidence in myself while performing, but with the encouragement from Dr.Yin and her excellent accompaniment on the piano, I was able to walk on and off stage feeling confident in my playing abilities. Dr.Yin wasn’t only amazing because of brilliant teaching, but having an instructor that also accompanies me during my performances was great. In my lessons she would play the accompaniment part while I play the violin part. This helped me in my playing because I was able to get a feel of the piece all together from first beginning the piece to being able to perform it. At the end of this year, I was able to show a complete difference in my playing and accomplish a high grade in my jury exams all from guidance and teachings from Dr.Yin. I appreciate her kind heart, flexibility with lesson times, and hard work to make me the violinist I am today. I am forever inspired by her teaching and her performances she showed me."

Victoria Cui and Stephen Cui (Violin and Piano)


Dr. Yin has been the piano and violin teacher for my two kids (Stephen Cui and Victoria Cui) for over three years. During her teaching, I am really impressed by her strong piano and violin skills, her passion in music, and care to the long-term success of the kids.


Our kids started learning piano and violin in 2017. In 2019,  we moved to the Seattle area and were looking for opportunities for the kids to continue learning these instruments. Fortunately, we were introduced to Dr. Yin. Dr. Yin met with us and kids, assessed their skills, and discussed her teaching plan with us. Our kids liked Dr. Yin’s teaching style and started to learn piano and violin with her.


So far, our kids have been learning with Dr. Yin for over 3 years. Our kids really enjoyed her class, and grew a lot. Recently, Stephen successfully completed his level 7 exam in piano and violin with pretty high score. Similarly, Victoria recently completed her level 6 exams in piano and violin with very high score. Both kids also won several music competitions.   


Besides advancing music skills, I really like Dr. Yin’s passion in music and the long-term success of the kids. She always emphasizes the importance of kids enjoying music while learning it, and not only teaches our kids music skills but also the beauty of those music pieces. With her teaching, our kids develop a strong passion in music as well.

Naomi Bell (Piano)
"Thank you for teaching me piano for the past year and a half! Dr.Yin has exceptional skill and is able to translate that into students' pieces. While studying this year with Dr. Yin, I had the greatest piano expertise that I have found with any teacher. She was able to help me find the character of the music in any style of song, and therefore developed the quality of my playing. I also love how she can capture the essence of any song in order to make it unique and beautiful. Dr.Yin approached teaching with kindness, knowledge, and a passion for helping others to succeed. With her help, I was able to perform at a higher level than I ever had previously achieved, and I was able to gain more confidence in my playing.  I had the most excellent teaching experience with Dr.Yin." 

Einav Grushka (Violin)

"Dr.Yin taught me the violin with a mix of great open mindedness, kindness and effectiveness. Her incredible ability accompanying on the piano allowed for excellent exam preparation and therefore under her guidance and teaching, I achieved the highest grade (ABRSM) that I have ever gotten in music performance. Due to her immense knowledge of music, I was always challenged with interesting and thought provoking pieces and exercises. Being both fun and of incredible quality, her teaching was definitely one of the best I could have asked for."

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