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Violinist Noni Patchett performed Samuel Barber
Violin Concerto at Melvin K. West Fine Arts Center

Pianist Eny Chen performed Un sospiro by Liszt

Pianist Melanie Cheang performed Romeo and Juliet (Montagues & Capulets) by Prokofiev
Violinist Johnston Lai performed Violin Concerto in G Major, Op.24 by Oscar Rieding 

Heading 1


Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

won the First place of the International Junior Piano Competition in Geneva, the First place of the Charleston International Music Competition, First place in the New York Piano and String International Music Competition and Second place in the International New Star International Music Competition in Palo Alto, San Francisco Bay Area (First place vacant).


Isabella Nien (Piano Performance)

completed her piano master classes at The Juilliard School and the Gala Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York. Hundreds of applicants for this master class at the Juilliard School, and only 17 contestants were lucky enough to be selected. Congratulations to Isabella!


Johnston Lai (Violin Performance)

has been selected as violin soloist to perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons Violin Concerto in the Lake Washington High School Chamber Orchestra's Winter Concert.

Victoria Cui ( Violin Performance)

was awarded the First Prize of the Kings Peak International Music Competition in California, Second Prize of the Singapore International Music Competition and Vienna International Music Competition. 

Isabella Nien (Piano Performance)

was invited to perform in Carnegie Hall as the First Prize Winner of the New York Piano League International Competition. Isabelle also advanced to the FINAL round of Vancouver International Music Competition which will be held in Vancouver Roy Barnett Hall on the 7th Oct 2023.


Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

was invited to perform in John Knowles Plaine Concert Hall in Harvard University. Also, she will be invited to receive the interview from Greet West Bellevue Magazine because of her outstanding achievements this year.


Elena Nien (Piano Performance)

advanced to the Artcial International Piano Competition Final Round and she will attend the Final Round Competition in San Francisco Conservatory of Music in August this year. She is the ONLY pianist advanced to the final round from the Seattle area.


Johnston Lai (Violin Performance)

has successfully passed the audition of Perugia International Music Festival in Italy. He will have a chance to perform Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with the Perugia Symphony Orchestra in July 2023.


Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Prize in Vienna Virtuoso Music Competition 2023 and there were only two pianists selected for the First Prize Winners. She also was awarded the First Prize in Vienna Classical Music Competition, San Francisco Innovative Music Competition, King's Peak International Music Competition in California, Great Composer International Music Competition. 


Dennis Wu (Piano Performance)

received the First Prize in Charleston International Music Competition and Silver Prize in Finland WPTA International Piano Competition 2023.


Elizabeth Liu (Violin Performance)

was featured as soloist to perform Irish Dance by Robert Kerr with Hanford High School Symphony Orchestra last month.


Lincoln Li (Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Prize in Hong Kong Music Talent Award 2023. Also, he received 146 high scores in his ABRSM piano Level 4 exam (full score is 150).


Esther Mei, Elizabeth Liu, Elena Nien

were awarded the Gold Prize in Quebec International Music Competition 2023.


Elizabeth Liu and Victoria Cui (Both Violin Performance students)

received 94 and 98 respectively in RCM Theory Level 8 exam (full score is 100).


Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

was selected to feature in ABRSM Global High Score Concert as she received 143 high scores in her ABRSM Grade 8 exam (full score is 150)


Isabella Nien (Piano Performance)

After the preliminary round (Online) and Final round (Live), Isabella Nien competed with 28 finalists at the 2022 New York Piano League International Piano Competition and finally was awarded as the First Prize Winner judged by three juries from Julliard Music School in NYC. 


Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

was awarded the Second Prize in the WPTA Spain International Piano Competition. Evan Hu and Elsie Lin were awarded the Third Prize and Fifth Prize as well. 


Violinist Victoria Cui, Sahana Arvind and Pianist Stephen Cui

were nominated as the Gold medalists from the 2022 RCM Violin and Piano exam. They were awarded the highest mark among all candidates in Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington). They will be invited to perform at Seattle University on 2023 March 8th. 


Ethan Haparnas and Kately Chen (Piano Performance)

received Distinction in their ABRSM piano exams respectively. Also, both of them received one song with full mark (score 30) respectively in their exams.


In the Seattle Bach Competition, Esther Mei, Kaishi Yang, Noah Yang, Malavi Arvind, Eason Zhou, Jayden Wu, Odin Cihaner received Gold Medalists or Gold Star Performers. 

Jerry Zhang (Violin Performance)

was awarded the First Class Honours at his RCM grade  9 violin exam.


Sahana Arvind (Violin Performance)

was selected Principal 2nd violin in BYSO Orchestra. 

Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

won the Silver Award (Category C 10-12 years old )at the 2022 Singapore International Music Competition.

In San Francisco International Innovative Competition, Pianist Stephanie Xu won the First Place in Elementary Category. Pianist Esther Mei won the Third Place in the Junior Category. Violinists Stephen Cui and Elizabeth Liu both won Second Places in the Intermediate and Junior Category respectively.

Victoria Cui and Stephen Cui (Violin Performance)

received Distinction 97 (full score 100) at RCM Theory Level 7 Exam and Distinction 98 at RCM Theory Level 8 Exam respectively. 

Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

was awarded the Gold Prize at the 2022 Singapore WPTA International Piano Competition. She will be invited to perform in the Gala Concert Awards Ceremony at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on the 27th Nov 2022.


Isabella Nien (Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Prize at the 2022 California King’s Peak International Music Competition. 


Johnston Lai (Violin Performance)

was appointed as a Concertmaster at Lake Washington High School Chamber Orchestra. Usually the senior gets to be chosen for the role, but Johnston got a perfect score on the seating audition so that adjudicators made an exception for him this fall. 


Evan Hu (Piano Performance)

won the Second Prize at Vienna BHVN International Music Competition.


Esther Mei (Violin Performance)

won the Second Prize (13-14 years group) at the 2022 Charleston International Music Competition. Stephanie Xu and Dennis Wu (8 years group) also won theThird Places.


Irene Gao (Piano Performance)

was awarded the Second Prize at Tokyo International Youth Music Competition. There are only three winners in each category. Winners will be invited to join interviews and reviews in classical magazines and also the concert opportunities in Japan, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Australia in 2023.


Victoria Cui and Isabella Nien 

were awarded the First Prize Winners at Bach International Music Competition Violin and Piano Category respectively. 


Derrick Sia (Piano Performance)

gave a fabulous performance in his Carnegie Hall in NYC this summer.


Victoria Cui (Violin Performance)

won the Second prize at Charleston International Music Competition. This year there are only three violinists who were selected for the final.


Isabella Nien (Piano Performance)

won the Third Prize at American Classical Young Musician Award Competition.


Derrick Sia and Katelyn Chen (Piano Performance)

received Distinction in their ABRSM exam.

Irene Gao (Piano Performance) 

has been awarded the FIRST PRIZE at Chicago International Music Competition. This year the competition received over 1000 competitors from 25 countries. 

Audwin Chang (Violin Performance)

gave a fabulous violin performance in his Carnegie Debut as 2022 International Romantic Music Competition Winners in June.


Isabelle Nien (Piano Performance) was selected as the Second Prize Winner at Windsor International Piano Competition in UK. She will be invited to perform in Southbank Center Purcell Hall, London 2023.


Isabella Nien and Irene Gao have been awarded the FIRST PRIZE at Quebec International Music Competition. 


Violinists Andy Zhang, Jerry Zhang, Jacob Koh and Audwin Chang were invited to perform as soloists in the Himalaya Capital event in Seattle Russell Investment Center. 


Dennis Wu (Piano Performance)

was invited as a soloist to perform Haydn Piano Concerto with Zabrze Philharmonic Orchestra in Poland as Chopin Avenue Concerto Competition winners.


Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

received the Silver Award of Finland WPTA International Music Competition.


Stephen Cui (Violin Performance)

received the Silver Star in Music & Star Awards Competition


Victoria Cui (Violinist) and Stephanie Xu (Pianist) received First Class with Honour with Distinction in RCM music exam. Also, Victoria will have a chance to be selected as the nomination of 2022 RCM National Celebration of Excellence Carnegie Hall DEBUT in NYC.

Catherine Xie (Violin Performance)

was appointed as the Concertmaster of Lake Washington School District Honor Orchestra.

Jerry Zhang (Violin Performance)

was appointed as the Associate Concertmaster at Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra.


Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

received the Second Prize at US New Star Music Competition (10-12 year group) in California. She was the only winner selected from Washington State for this competition. At the same time she received 142 high scores Distinction for her ABRSM Piano Level 8 exam.  Also, she was awarded the Third Prize at Charleston International Piano Competition and Honorable Mention at United Star Music Competition.


Dennis Wu (Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Prize Winner at Kings' Peak Piano Competition in California. Also, Dennis was awarded the Second Prize at the Concerto Competition of Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition in Hong Kong.


Pianist Dennis Wu and Irene Gao were awarded the First Class Honours with Distinction in RCM and ABRSM piano exams.


Violinist Stephen Cui, Esther Mei, Elizabeth Liu, Victoria Cui and Jessica Xie were awarded the First Class Honours with Distinction and First Class with Honours in RCM Violin Exam Level 6, 7, 8 and 9 respectively. 



Johnston Lai (Violin Performance) 

was appointed as the Concertmaster at Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra Debut for the year of 2021-2022 season. 


Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Prize (Intermediate 9-11 years old group) at San Francisco International Innovative Piano Competition.


Violinist Catherine Xie, Pianist Melanie Cheang and Dennis Wu 

were invited to perform at Northwest Celebration of Excellence Recital this year which will take place on the 13th Nov! They were selected among candidates that were awarded the Highest RCM Grade Exam Marks in the Northwest region (including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington states).


In the 2021 Rocky Mountain Festival Music Competition

Dennis Wu was awarded as the First Prize in piano competition. Victoria Cui was awarded the Third Prize in the

Violin Competition. 


Isabella Nien(Piano Performance)

was awarded the First Class Honours with Distinction in Royal Conservatory Music Piano Exam and Melanie Cheang was awarded Distinction in ABRSM Level 6 Piano Exam.


Stephanie Enriquez (Violin Performance)

was selected to be the Concertmaster of the Eastlake Chamber Orchestra from Eastlake High School in Sammamish.


Pianist Dennis Wu, Victoria Cui, Stephen Cui were awarded the First Class Honours in Royal Conservatory Piano exam.

Catherine Xie (Violin Performance)

Was awarded a Regional GOLD MEDAL for Level 8 Strings and she is invited to perform for the 2021 RCM Virtue Celebration of Excellence Recitals. She was awarded the highest mark for her Level 8 violin exam and theory among all candidates in Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington) and Southwest (Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming). 

Johnston Lai (Violin Performance) and  Jolyn Lai (Violin Performance)

Performed in Beethoven House (Germany) in August as the Winners of Bonn International Music Competition.

In the 2021 Bonn International Music Competition, Melanie Cheang (Piano performance) has been chosen as the First Prize Winner (Junior Group, 9-12 years old); Dennis Wu (Piano performance) also has been awarded as the First Prize Winner (Young Musician Group, 8 years old and younger). Johnston Lai (Violin performance) won the Second Prize Winner (Intermediate Group, 13-15 years old).


Dennis Wu (Piano performance)

Received the First Class Honours with Distinction at RCM Piano Grade Exam.


Catherine Xie (Violin performance)

Received the First Class Honours at RCM Violin level 8 exam.

Elizabeth Liu (Violin Performance) and Jerry Zhang (Violin Performance) 

Were awarded the First Class Honors at the 2021 RCM Violin Level 8 exam.


Esther Mei (Violin Performance)

Received the First Class Honors at the 2021 RCM Violin Level 7 exam. 


Jolyn Lai (Violin Performance) 

Were chosen as the Third Prize Winners at New York International Piano and String Competition 2021. 

Melanie Cheang (Piano Performance)

Was awarded the First Class Honours with Distinction at RCM Level 5 piano exam.


Jolyn Lai (Violin Performance)

Received Distinction at the 2021 ABRSM Violin Level 8 Exam. Also, she won the Second Prize at the 2021 VIVO International Music Competition. 



Victoria Cui (Piano performance) and Stephen Cui (Violin performance)

Were selected as winners for the Second and Third prize respectively at International Competition of Romantic Music 2020 in NYC


Johnston Lai (Violin Performance)

Won the Second Prize at the 2020 International Music Competition "Paris and London" Grand Prize Virtuoso. He has been selected to perform in the gala concerts at Royal Albert Hall in London and Amphithéâtre Philharmonie in Paris later this year in Sep

Three students from Yin Music Studio attended the RCM Grade Exam in Dec 2019 and all of them received excellent results!

  • Leevia Wang received First Class with Honors at RCM Piano Exam. 

  • Catherine Xie and Jessica Xie received First Class Honors with Distinction at RCM Violin Grade exams.



Noni Patchett (Violin performance)

Won the Second Prize of the International

Concerto Competition in 2019. She performed at Carnegie Hall in June 2019.

Noni Patchett (Violin performance)

Won a Gold Medal at Musicfest Northwest String & Piano Sonata Competition in

May 2019. In addition, she was awarded an offer to perform on Spokane Public Radio as a Gold Medal Winner.

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